Migration Global Assistance is operated by registered migration agents, working exclusively in immigration services to Australia. Our team of immigration Lawyers, Consultants, Business Analyst, and Accountants, are well equipped with updated immigration policies and requirements.
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General Skilled Migration
Want to live and work in Australia? Australia needs skilled workers! 200,000 jobs are advertised weekly, and the unemployment rate is the lowest in years. 102,500 Skilled Visas are to be granted by June 2012.
Partner Visa
Want to join your partner / spouse in Australia? The Australian Partner Visa is for people who have an eligible Australian spouse partner or interdependent partner, or who wish to come to Australia to marry their Australian fiancé.
Student Visa
Want to study in Australia? Each year over 150,000 international students arrive in Australia. The Overseas Student Program (OSP) allows people who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents to study in Australia.
Other Visa Categories
Want to join your children in Australia? Parents may be able to migrate to Australia if they have a child in Australia who is an eligible Australian citizen or permanent resident. Visas are available for parents of working and pension age.
BE ASSURED! We will not advice you to apply only to be refused later. We would only encourage you to pursue your application only after we have fully assessed your eligibility to migrate to Australia.

Make it easy for yourself, work with the professional here at M.G.A.
Certified Public Accountant
Visa Grant: September 7, 2010

“I knew I made the right move when I availed of MGA's service. The consultants are very friendly esp. Ms. Grace, very professional and they exactly know what to do which made my Visa application really fast and smooth. No false promises from the start and will only advise necessary steps which helped me saved my time, money and effort. I am very satified with their service and will definitely recommend them to my friends and relatives who also wish to migrate in Australia. More power to you guys!”

Certified Public Accountant
Visa Grant: April 22, 2010

““Excellent and Satisfactory Service“ - Best words to describe MGA. Everything started when my husband attended PICPA convention in Baguio, with MGA invited as one of the exhibitors. For us, endorsement from PICPA gave MGA credibility enough to convince us to give them a try. Indeed, they stayed true to their promise and brought us to Australia in an unexpectedly short span of time. What i particularly liked about MGA is the fact that they will only pursue your visa application if you have the necessary skill/qualifications to make it through. Kudos to Ms. Joan Poserio for a job well done! She was very professional, accommodating, patient and reassuring throughout the process. MGA's support service is indeed exemplary as i still get prompt replies from Ms. Joan Poserio even during the post application phase. For these reasons, I will surely endorse MGA to friends and colleagues. Actually, I already have a friend who started a contract with MGA.”

Certified Public Accountant
Visa Grant: March 24, 2010

“How can I ever thank Migration Global Assistance and its ever friendly, approachable, honest, reliable staff esp Ms. Grace, they helped me and my husband all the way with our application. Migrating to Australia is a dream come true for me and my husband. With the help of MGA, our dream has now become a reality. They are very professional and they know everything that needs to be done in order for the application to run smoothly and to be successful. They never got tired of answering all my questions. Thank you so much Ms Grace and MGA. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends who are wanting to migrate to Australia. Actually I've already recommended them to some before I left Philippines.”

Certified Public Accountant
Visa Grant: January 4, 2010

“At first I was hesitant to avail of the services of Migration Global Assistance (MGA) but then they proved me wrong. There are two options on how you can actually process your Australian visa application. The first option is to seek the assistance of a reputable migration agency and the second option is to apply independently. If you are employed and have the luxury of time to process everything then choose the second option however this will be too risky because you canít always keep track of the status of your application and the fact that you still have other concerns and responsibilities in life. These are just few reasons why I chose the first option. The people at MGA, especially Ms. Joan Poserio, have been very helpful and accommodating since day one. They possess the technical know-how and expertise in the migration industry and they will not advise you to pursue your visa application if they know that you lack the necessary qualifications to make it. They will guide you throughout the whole process and they will always keep you updated on the recent changes in Australian immigration laws and requirements. I am really satisfied and truly grateful to the services of MGA. And now that I have received my visa grant earlier than expected, I am fully convinced and I can genuinely attest that I really did make the right choice. ”

Certified Public Accountant
Visa Grant: July 3, 2009

“No words can best describe how grateful It was for me and my husband to have been granted a skilled migrant visa under the assistance of Migration Global Assistance.They assisted me from the time I have to be assessed by Australian Bodies, to my IELTS review up to the actual lodging of my papers with Australian embassy. The consultants were indeed very friendly and never left any questions or doubts I have left unattended. After a year and a half of waiting, the VISA we were praying and longing for came into a reality. Should anybody out there especially professionals who intend to migrate and settle to Australia, let the TRUE EXPERTS like MGA DO THE JOB for you. You can be assured that everything is handled in the most professional way without you worrying about it. ”

Certified Public Accountant
Visa Grant: July 8, 2009

“The service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other agencies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to the consultants especially when the efforts required are detrimental to the success of the application of their clients. Because of this, I would gladly refer Migration Global Assistance to my relatives, friends and acquaintances. ”

Certified Public Accountant
Visa Grant: July 9, 2009

“In this ever-changing world of travel and migration policies, it is hard to keep up on the changes. Knowing that MGA consultants are there to keep me up-to-date on the most current procedures needed to be done is a great relief. They have helped me through this vital change in my life. Their organization did everything required, and more that I did not anticipate. I would highly recommend Migration Global Assistance for anyone requiring their expertise.”

Visa Grant: January 13, 2009

“I am very happy that this has not been a joke or something like a scam. I would like to refer this to my friends. Australia is a beautiful & very nice country. Best wishes to you guys! ”

I.T. Professional
Visa Grant: December 16, 2008

“The moment I received a positive assessment from Australian Computer Society, I phoned a few migration agencies to take care of the rest of the application process. While most of them were bossy and uninviting, Marie Grace of MGA was very accommodating and patient with me. Visiting their office and speaking to her made us feel that they do not only do business but also build a sincere relationship with their client. MGA takes care of your application without all the hassle, reminds you and gives update without you having to follow-up. Up to now, MGA promptly responds to any post-application inquiry free of charge! Smooth and excellent service you don't get from others.. ”

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